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Barecka Lab

Transforming CO2 into the next generation of chemical building blocks

At Barecka Lab, we do transformative research that enables the transition towards a carbon neutral economy, where the basic human needs for healthcare and hygiene products, materials and clothing are satisfied through a selective and efficient transformation of carbon dioxide from the air into the next generation of chemical building blocks.

To achieve this goal, we develop in-depth understanding of CO2 electrolysis, by a diverse combination of electrochemical techniques, analytical chemistry, surface characterization with developed in-house modelling tools to reveal the origins of carbon transformation and design more controlled pathways for the broad use of this technology in the industry.

We boldly aim to enable the large-scale synthesis of chemical building blocks from dilute carbon dioxide, and thus, we focus on solving the most complex problems which currently prevent this technology of being used outside of laboratory space.

Fundamental understanding of electroreduction on all scales relevant to chemical engineering

Enabling synthesis of complex products from ambient CO2.

Process systems engineering, intensified separations, and techno-economic analyses

What we do is important


We foster an atmosphere of strong respect where everyone feels encouraged to be themselves, can feel safe and feel appreciated as a part of our scientific community. We look forward to welcoming students and collaborators of all races, ethnic groups, religions, communities, gender identifications, sexual orientation, family status, age or disability status.


We recognize the importance of mental health and accept that anyone can experience difficulties. We commit to creating a respectful and supportive environment, where no one is marginalized.